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Welcome to our Law Office.

Our more than 40 years of experience in the Judicial and Advisory advocacy of our Office guarantees the result you desire.
Our Law Firm’s goal is the successful outcome of the cases of the clients who trusted us. We are working in their best interests. Based on our great experience in complex legal cases, our experience, the specialization and continuous monitoring of developments of Law by our partners across Greece, we are devoted to provide our clients with quality legal services and the best result.
Our Law Firm is distinguished for its diligence, quality of services, honesty, objectivity, transparency and efficiency.

Our Services

Civil Liability - Tort Law

Cases where a person, natural or legal, is obliged to restore any material damage or bodily injury caused to a third person due to an unlawful act or omission. (Civil Law Art. 914 and so on)


Contractual Claims

Legal Protection & Support for Disputes from Contracts or Commercial Disputes.
Contractual Claims (Sales Contracts, Tenancy court disputes, Corporate and Commercial Litigation)


Insurance Contract

Legal status of the insurance contract Law 2496/1997 Preparation of insurance contract and coverages, insurance terms and conditions of insurance policies for insurance companies Claims management and Amendment and Termination of insurance contracts

Road Traffic Accidents

Legal Protection towards Civil and Criminal Courts. Claims for for material damages and bodily injuries. Out-of-court settlements and Settlement of Complex Claims. Cross border accidents, Run-Off insurance portfolios of claims Recoveries: We take over on behalf of insurance companies the recovery claims against the liable persons for the damage or excluded from insurance policy.

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