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Since 1979 our law office with its experienced partners throughout Greece , provides reliable and quality legal services to individuals and companies , Greek and Foreign, supporting the interests of our clients with success at both advisory and judicial level.

We have experienced associate lawyers – all over the country, specialized in every branch of Law as well as scientists such Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Investigators. Experts who are trained abroad at the highest level and carry out scientific analysis of traffic accidents with special scientific tools and softwares while they are members of the relevant list of Courts and Prosecutors of the Courts of First Instance.

Our Office with its partners has organized and participated in many International legal Conferences on International Traffic Accidents , Green Card Regulation ,MID , MTPL Law (our Founder as guest speaker and external associate of the University of MACEDONIA and is a member of the Institute of European Traffic Law).

Civil Liability – Tort Law – Contractual Claims – Insurance Contract – Road Traffic Accidents

Due to the special, more than 40 years of experience of our Law Office in the field of private insurance law, we handle with success the resolution of civil disputes, contractual or non-contractual that arise, either in the pre-insurance stage during the insurance coverage of risks, or after the occurrence of the insurance risk in various insurance products and services as mentioned below.
Our Office with its experienced partners throughout Greece, represents with absolute success many European insurance companies in International Traffic Accidents, either in judicial level or out of court, as well as in recovery of claims (Recoveries) and in cases of third party claims and Legal Protection.
With broad and deep knowledge of the insurance market we successfully handle claims arising against our customers from insurance coverages such as:


  • Motor Third Party Liability from Traffic and International Traffic Accidents
  • Professional Civil Liability
  • Employer’s Liability
  • Responsibility of Directors and Staff of Enterprises (D & O Liability)
  • Liability as a result of Wrongs and Omissions
  • Property Insurance and Consequences in case of occurrence of the insurance risk
  • Loss of Profits
  • Transport insurance of all kinds with international clauses
  • Health Insurance Contracts
  • Carrier’s and Forwarder’s Liability (CMR)

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